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10 novembre 2005 4 10 /11 /novembre /2005 00:00
These new albums refer to the text "Alasaka, yellow head highway and trails". The two last pictures represent our journey on a map, so be it: 4'500 km, beginning on July 28th.
After that we'll continue our blog for the second part of our itinerary, started on September 9th, from Calgary in Alberta, Canadian Rockies, British Columbia, USA, states of Montana, Wyoming (Yellow Stone and Gd Teton Parks) Idaho, Washington (Seattle and Olympic Peninsula) to Vancouver, where we arrived on October 15th, so be it: approximately 6'000 km.

Meanwhile we'll tell you about our settling in Vancouver with some pictures too. And special news will be reserved for lucky people, who had the good idea to enrol at the newsletter.

See you soon and all the best for you and yours.
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