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3 janvier 2006 2 03 /01 /janvier /2006 02:01
Here they are some pictures of our new year downtown. It wasn't dramatic ! In fact, festivities in Canada Place were canceled for unknown reasons. So we were walking  at Robson Street to celebrate the new year with people. It was joyful and lively.

January the first we saw the traditional Vancouver Polar Beach Swim, from 1920.

This year's water, at 8.5 degrees, was close to the warmest temperature of 9 degrees. "Dips like these have their dangers. In Saskatchewan's Kingsmere Lake, one 38 year old Canadian was recognized by the Darwin Awards, a dubious honour for poeple who improve the human race by removing themselves from it, for his own polar bear swim in 2000 between two holes in the lake's ice. He never resurfaced" (Read in The Globe and Mail of Monday January 2, 2006)

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