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7 janvier 2006 6 07 /01 /janvier /2006 05:24

Before writing, Good New ! Geneviève will show her painting sketches at the West End Community Gallery in Greater Vancouver, from October 15 to November 5, 2006. She is very happy. Her website: www.g-delaunay.com

In China red and black colours represent fortune and, when you walk through Chinatown you can see that all is red (streetlights, phone booths, tickets price, ornaments…) It takes about fifteen minutes on foot to join Chinatown from the famous Public Library at Robson Street. Take the “silk route” from Abbot to Pender and Gore Streets. You will also enter in a magical world where colours, scents and fascinated faces will thrill your soul. This area is one of the largest and oldest in North America. When you are walking for a time period, without to many tourists, you will also observe that the majority of people are old. Their faces look like a book where we can read many interesting sad and happy life’s stories.

In Chinatown you will find many different products like food with meat, fish, Peking ducks, vegetables, various roots, mushrooms, multicoloured gadgets, quaint furniture, top-of-the-range teas, ginseng, gifts etc. For this visit you will walk in several roads for yours real eyes, ears and nose pleasures. If you have only a one-day visit, you can also see the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen gardens, near the Cultural Centre, the Sam Kee Building (1913), which is the narrowest in the world, according to the Guinness Book (1m80 in width by 30m length), the Wing Sang Building, built in 1889, the oldest edifice. Finally you won’t forget to have a look in the T&T supermarket (Taiwanese based) a real Ali Baba’s cave and the link with the other Chinatown, more modern and young which exists near the airport in the district of Richmond, a suburb of Greater Vancouver.

Moreover the new photos album No 15 "Chinatown" will give you some surroundings pictures. Have a good visit and see you soon...

NB: Two new links: Geneviève's website and the one of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver.

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Bonjour les Delaunay, <br /> Nous avons enfin pris le temps de découvrir votre blog, c'est super, on vous suit à la trace...! Nous en profitons pour vous envoyer  nos meilleurs voeux pour 2006, continuez de vous remplir les yeux et la tête...! Avons une pensée pour vous chaque fois que nous prenons le virage près de votre maison. Avec toute notre amitié Jurg et Diane.