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11 mai 2006 4 11 /05 /mai /2006 04:37

From Vancouver BC to California border, it’s easy to cross. SF is a nice, clean and wonderful town between wild: beach and forest (West), Sea and islands (East), not far from San Jose, San Barbara (South) and red woods, sandy cliffs (North). Earth quark of 1906 is over. SF is a mixture of cultures: Black, Asian, Indian and White people. Europe is very present. Downtown and all around these divers communities are living in crowds, speaking English, Italian, Spanish, French and a little bit German. Rich and poor are housing beside each another with his own culture. Homeless people, pawn stores, cheap apartments or rooms, bitches, gays and so on keep any areas very safe less by day and night. NOP ! Fisher man’s harbour, hills and monuments, Victorian and contemporary buildings, business squares, Chinatown, shopping, churches and cathedrals, museums, classic live and jazz music, theatres and performance places are giving you such a great pleasure !

Don’t forget numerous bridges and the famous Golden Bridge. Nature is everywhere within town and all around: beaches on Pacific, white sand, rocks, wild forests, full of red woods, cedar, palm trees, blooms, birds and so and so. But careful about bath, within summer time for example, water temperature doesn’t excess 16-17 degrees because high waves. For food it’s Heaven: big stores with wine and beers, snacks, typical restaurants and bistros. Living in SF about foods and clothes isn’t very expensive and workers are very happy to get a lot of money and taxes are almost moderate; but don’t have to buy a comfortable little apartment or condo downtown (one-two millions)! Anyway citizens are well organized (volunteers). People aren’t looking so fat because beside transportations (cable for ex) they are walking, hiking, biking, swimming and …Mac Donald’s is leaving California and fortunately Asian food is everywhere. Ten days of vacation in Frisco are sufficient but not too much.

Have a peek on photos album No 28, my Frisco pictures melting pot.



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